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©2023 Edo State Government

©2024 Edo State Government

Edo State Communication Strategy and News Media.

Welcome to the Edo State Communications Strategy and News Media- your gateway to transparent and informed communication between Edo State Government and the public. Our office serves as the central hub for disseminating accurate, timely, and relevant information about government initiatives, policies, and developments.


To be a leading institution in the development and implementation of innovative economic policies and sustainable development plans that promote inclusive growth and prosperity for all in Edo State.


At Edo State Communication Strategy and News Media, our mission is to uphold the principles of transparency, accountability, and public engagement. We strive to:

  1. To Promote open and honest communication between the government and the people of Edo State.

  2. Ensure the public has access to accurate and full information regarding government activities and decisions.

  3. Increase trust and confidence in government institutions through proactive communication and engagement.

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